How to scare a mouse away

Small Nocturnal Rodents
What can we say about mice? Well, we can say that these creatures are cute as long as they don’t invade our household. Mice are creatures of the night and they love living in places which are cool and dark.

This means that if they decide to invade your home that they will most likely live between your walls, inside a cupboard or pantry, or they will invade your attic. And when mice invade your home, you must immediately take action because these rodents love to breed and produce offspring often! In this article, we will tell you how to scare the mice out of your home today!

Cat Urine
Do you know what animal do the mice hate the most? The animal mice hate the most is cat? And not only that they hate cats, but mice are also terrified of our feline friends.

So, if you want to scare away those nasty mice from your home and you have a cat at your home, purchase several litter boxes and place them in various parts of your home. Now, encourage your cat to use all litter boxes you placed in your home. Mice will for sure sense the cat’s urine which will mean to them that there is a cat present and that it is their time to leave.

Snake Feces
Just as they are naturally afraid of cats, mice are also afraid of snakes. These rodents literally die a little bit on the inside when they see a snake. Now, you can take this fact in your advantage.

Consider visiting a local pet store and ask the owner to give you some snake poop. Although he/she may be surprised about such a weird request, explain why you need it. Now, when you get snake feces, put in small boxes all around your home. The mice will sense the smell which will scare them and make them wanting to leave your house.

Ultrasonic Repellent Machines
You can also scare mice from your home using mice repellent machines. These machines are inexpensive and they do their job pretty well.

Ultrasonic mice repellents send off signals that only mice can hear which can make them go mad and make them leave your home.

Peppermint Oil
Buy some peppermint oil at your local store and soak several cotton balls in it. When you do that, place those cotton balls in the corners of your home.

The scent of peppermint oil will scare the mice and will most likely make them leave your home.

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How to scare a mouse away