How to scare a possum away

They Create Unsanitary Conditions
Opossums are generally non-aggressive animals. However, these animals usually create unsanitary conditions in homes they invade and they can spread various diseases if they get infected. This is why it is important to get rid of opossums as soon as they invade your home or property.

Let’s discuss how to scare opossums away and make them never come back to your property or home ever.

Setting Up Motion-Activated Lights or Sprinklers
To scare the opossums away from your property or home, you should purchase motion-activated devices or motion-activated sprinklers.

Motion-activated devices could be activated every time an opossum gets near their sensor. And once these devices activate, they will scare the crap out of that opossum invader. If you can’t decide which motion-activated device to buy, we recommend you buy motion-activated sprinklers since they are more effective than motion-activated lights.

Scattering Dog and Cat Fur
The smell of dogs and cats is something that opossums find terrifying. You can take this fact in your advantage and scare those annoying opossums away from your property.

Now, to effectively scare opossums from your home or property with the help of your pet dog or cat, you will need some of their fur. Scatter the fur of your dog or cat around areas where you saw opossums. However, we strictly recommend you not to allow your pet to roam through your yard for the purpose of scaring the opossums because they may get into a fight with opossums.

If you want to scare away the opossums that invaded your property, you can use garlic for that purpose. Before you place garlic near the areas where you saw opossums, you should crush it because crushed garlic is better than whole garlic for the purpose of scaring away the opossums.

When opossums smell crushed garlic, they will immediately want to leave your property.

Remove Food Sources
Do you know what will scare opossums more than cats, dogs, and crushed garlic? Lack of food resources. So, consider removing all fallen fruits and pet food in your yard.

Also, keep your trashcans empty all the time.

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How to scare a possum away