How to scare a Raccoon away

Cute on TV
Everyone thinks that raccoons are cute animals, especially when they are shown on TV. However, people who have a raccoon infestation going on their property or in their home think very differently about raccoons. They perceive them as disgusting little beings that can cause a lot of damage if not got rid off as soon as possible. This is in fact true; raccoons can cause a lot of damage to properties they invade.

Luckily, there are humane ways one can chase the raccoons away from its property. In this article, we will teach you how to scare raccoons away from your property and your home.

Light and Sound
Raccoons are animals that are very fond of quiet surroundings and dark places. This is why they especially love settling down in people’s attics and basements. However, you can take this fact in your advantage to scare the raccoons away.

So, consider lighting up your attic or basement where the raccoons are with extremely bright lights. Also, consider placing a stereo player in the area where the raccoons are and tune it to a talk show station. These two things will make the raccoons mad and make them want to leave your attic or basement immediately.

The Smell of Ammonia
Just like most other wild animals, raccoons can’t either stand the smell of ammonia. There is just something about the smell of this chemical that scares raccoons.

This is why you can use ammonia to scare away raccoons from your home, property, basement, and attic. Consider soaking up several tennis balls in ammonia. When you soaked tennis balls in ammonia, throw them at places where you consider a raccoon invasion is taking place. Once they sense the smell of ammonia-dipped tennis balls, raccoons will want to leave your property immediately.

Not only cats cucumbers. Raccoons hate cucumbers as well. No one knows why, but they just hate cucumbers and the smell of those veggies. Some raccoons are even scared to death when they see a cucumber.

So, to scare the raccoons away from your home or property, slice some cucumbers and throw them at places where you think your raccoons may be hiding at.

Epsom Salt
If you are lucky enough not to have raccoons on your property and want the thing to remain that way, consider spraying some Epsom Salt on your property’s lawn to scare the raccoons away.

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How to scare a Raccoon away