How to scare a rat away

A Humane Approach to Rat Control
Many rat control methods include things that are most likely to cause harm to the rat and eventually kill it. Although rats are regarded as disgusting creatures by many people, killing them is something that is the last thing on the mind of people.

If you are uncomfortable with scaring the rats in your home away using some inhumane methods, continue reading this article since we will tell you some humane ways to scare rats.

Large Predators
Rats are naturally scared of various animals. However, these rodents are simply terrified of snakes, cats, and dogs. You can take this fact in your advantage. How? Well, you can buy a pet dog or a pet cat.

Your house rats will immediately know you bought a cat when you bring it home. The cat will as well know there are rats present in your home. So, the rats can either escape your home or let the cat or dog scare them to death.

Scented Deterrents
If you aren’t a cat owner or a dog owner and you certainly don’t want to buy any of these animals so you could scare the rats in your home, then we recommend you to make your home smell like there is a pet there.

You can purchase predator urine or predator fur from any pet shop and place it around your home. The rats will smell it immediately when you place it and that will make them leave your home.

Besides rats hate the smell of predator urine and fur, they also hate the smell of ammonia. To scare rats away with ammonia, you will need to soak a small cotton ball in ammonia and place it in a small plastic container.

When you do that, place the container in areas where you believe the rats are hanging out.

Owl’s Feather
Rats are scared to death of owls! You can take this fact in your advantage and place several owl feathers in holes where these pests live.

When rats see owl feathers inside their dwelling, they will run away for miles from your home.

Rats hate onions. This is why they don’t invade homes where there is an onion plantation in the yard.

So, consider placing a few sliced onions in small plastic containers in places where you believe rats may be hiding. Because rats can’t bear the smell of onions, they will leave the area where you placed onions.

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How to scare a rat away