How to scare a squirrel away

You’ve Encountered Them

No matter where you live, you probably encountered a squirrel in the backyard of your home or your apartment building. At any given moment, these crazy animals can be seen digging under the ground, running the trees up and down, and scampering across power lines.

Now, although squirrels are cute and you have a good opinion about them, these animals can cause a lot of damage on your property once they invade it. To prevent that from happening, we will feature in this article some ways on how to scare a squirrel away.

Remove Incentives

The main reason why a squirrel will decide to invade your property is food. And just imagine how will you scare that squirrel when your remove all of its food resources on your property.

So, to scare the squirrels away from your property, consider removing all fallen fruits and nuts on your property. This way, the squirrels won’t have any food resource and they will most likely leave your property in peace.

Use Repellants

If you want to prevent squirrels from appearing in your yard, you can consider using squirrel repellants for that purpose. You can find various natural squirrel repellants in your local stores, but none of them is as good as chili powder is.

Purchase chili powder and sprinkle it over the areas where you saw squirrels. This powder will scare the squirrels away but it won’t harm them.

Another awesome natural squirrel repellant is peppermint. Squirrels just hate that strong smell of peppermint oil and anything associated with peppermint. So, to scare squirrels away from your property, plant a peppermint tree in your yard or purchase some peppermint oil. If you purchase peppermint oil, soak some cotton balls in it and place them throughout your garden.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler Systems

Another great option for scaring those squirrels away from your property is motion-activated sprinkler systems. These systems will at the same time water your yard and scare the squirrels away.

Instead of purchasing a motion-activated sprinkler system, you can buy electronic devices that will scare squirrels away, such as motion sensitive lights or high-frequency sound emitters. These electronic devices will most certainly scare the squirrels away and will prevent them from invading your yard in the future.

Cats and Dogs

Squirrels are terrified of both dogs and cats. So, to scare these animals away from your property, you can buy a pet dog or a pet cat for that purpose.

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How to scare a squirrel away