Scratching Sounds In the Attic or Walls

The First Indication You Have Uninvited Guests
When you hear some strange sounds and noises that are coming from the inside of your walls or other parts of your home, that may be the first indication that you may have some uninvited guests in your house. We are not, of course, speaking of ghosts, but of wild animals.

Many animals, such as birds and mammals enter people’s homes all around the world through small openings. Such animals mainly enter homes in search of food and shelter. Wild animals which are best known for producing noises and sounds while invading home include:

• Rats
• Mice
• Birds
• Bats
• Squirrels
• Raccoons
• Chipmunks
In this article, we will explain how each of these animals sounds while residing in someone’s home. Each of these animals makes similar noises, but there are some subtle differences which can help you determine which uninvited guest has invaded your home.

Bat Sounds
Bats usually get stuck inside people’s walls after getting inside their homes. Now, these animals tend to make scratching and scurrying noises when they try to escape the inside of a wall. Now, bats usually make these sounds at night because they are nocturnal animals.

Rodent Sounds
Rodents such as rats and mice are known for making annoying scratchy noises in walls and in the ceiling of a house. They produce these sounds when they are in a search of food. Rodents mostly produce sounds and noises at night because they are nocturnal animals.

Mice love making thumping and clawing noises. On the other hand, rats like to make squeaking noises.

Bird Sounds
Birds usually enter someone’s home when they are in a search of a place where they can create a nest. However, in that search of a nesting place, birds usually end up getting trapped in the attic or in the walls of a house.

The telltale sign that you have a bird visitor in your home is clawing and chirping sounds. Birds make these sounds while they are trying to escape the inside of a wall or attic. Trapped birds usually make noises in the morning.

Raccoon Noises
Raccoons love making the comfortable in the insulation of someone’s attic. These animals are nocturnal which means you will hear them making noises during the night. They also love running back and forth in the attic and they also love making scratching noises.

Squirrel Sounds
Squirrels typically reside in trees. However, once they invade someone’s home or attic, they will make themselves comfortable there. These animals are highly active which means that they will make a lot of noise during their activities.

Squirrels usually make scurrying, scratching, and jumping noises in the attics they invade. They usually produce sounds during the daytime. However, if your attic gets invaded by a flying squirrel, it will make noises during the nighttime because these animals are nocturnal.

Chipmunk Sounds
Chipmunks usually invade a house’s foundation or the area below a house’s foundation. These animals typically make loud scratching noises.

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Scratching Sounds In the Attic or Walls