How to get Skunk out from Under a Shed or Porch

Porch or Shed is always the most attractive place for skunks to occupy unlike other wild animals. You will get it touch forcing skunks out from shed or porch if you do not know the tricks on how to do it. That is why this post is dedicated to provide you 5 simple but effective steps on how to get skunks out from under a shed or porch.

Step 1: Make Sure You Check For the Presence of Skunk under Shed or Porch
Though skunks love living under shed or porch, they are not the only ones that can take up occupant inside the porch. That is why you should not even conclude that you have Skunks under porch or shed without proper confirmation. Check around the place whether there are digging and burrows here and there to know if you have skunks or not. Also, you can easily identify skunk’s presence with the footprints.

Step 2: Find Out If the Skunks Have Nest of Babies under Porch or Shed
Now you have confirmed and realized that you have skunks, the next thing to do is to confirm whether they skunks are living with only adults or have nest of babies. This is to know the best approach to use in removing the animals. Also, skunks inside porch or shed are likely to have nest of babies as they usually find enclosed place to use as their den while pregnant.

Step 3: Check around the Porch or Shed to Known Entry Point
You can now check around the area confirming entry points for the animals. Make sure that you find all the entry points and block them properly in order and only open just one exist point for them. Also, check for holes and cover them up completely so make sure that the animals do not move out or come in through another mean.

Step 4: Install Exclusive Device in the Only Exit Point Remaining
You can go ahead and install your exclusion device, or even a cage trap which can help you catch the skunk alive and relocate. The exclusion device will give you better opportunity to make the animals go away completely without being able to come back in. That will really, make the animals to look for another place to live. If the animal has nest of babies, you have to bring them out using your hand, but make sure you wear protective glove on your hand.

Step 5: Seal up the Holes When All Skunks Are Out
The skunks are all out from under the shed or porch the next thing to do is to cover up the hole where you installed the exclusion device or the live cage trap. Just make sure that you repair the area completely if possible spray some predator urine around the closed hole so as to scare the skunks even farther away when they will like to come back to dwell under the shed or porch.

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How to get Skunk out from Under a Shed or Porch