Skunk Prevention Tips: How to Keep Skunks Away

When you look at skunk you will think that it is a harmless and cute animal, but what you may not know is the height of damages the animal is capable of causing when you allow it anywhere around you. Your lawn will be completely dug and scattered if you give skunk just one day grace to come around your garden or to continuously around since is it a harmless and cute animal. The reason while skunks usually scatter things around garden is always to find food like worms, insects and others. Allow the animal anyway in your backyard will result to damages on your chicken and eggs. For these reasons, you need to look for most effective way to keep skunks away.

Keep Skunks Away Using Fencing
If you want to keep skunks away from your home, backyard or even garden, one of the most effective ways is fencing. Simple fence your home, or garden round and other parts of your property with skunks issue and they will go away when they are not able to get inside. If you are using wire mesh to construct the fence just ensure that you burry some length of the wire mesh underground so as to avoid skunks digging pass the fence underground to gain access into your property.

Get Rid Of the Things Attracting Skunks to Make Them Go Away
When you find skunks around your home or any other of your property, you should know that something around is acting as attractant to them. Just consider possible things that can make skunks desire coming around your home like your trash can, dog food, leftover foods and others. Removing these things and clearing out the entire environment can discourage skunks from coming around.

Repair Home and Close up Skunk Entrance
Even if you have a fence before or you have protected your garden with wire mesh fence, but still discover presence of skunks, you should know that there is an entry point. Do some homework to ensure that you locate the entry and exit point and cover up the entry point for the skunks to go away without returning back. Also, you can embark on thorough home repairs to make sure that skunks do not find reason to come around your home.

Spray Predator Urine to Keep Skunks Away
Skunks have lots of predators that always hunt to feed on them. They are always on lookout watching closely to avoid getting close to their predators. So, when you spray predator urine anywhere around y our property or urine, skunks will definitely move away without coming back.

Keep Your Dogs on Watch against Skunks
Skunks do not like having aggressive dogs around mostly when they dogs are huge enough to intimidate them. So, you keep your dogs close to the entry points or anywhere within your backyard, they will help to scare skunks away. Just ensure you are around to avoid the dogs going too close to the skunks so as to avoid bite that can result to rabies.

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Skunk Prevention Tips: How to Keep Skunks Away