Do Skunks Dig in Lawns Looking for Food?

If you discover diggings on your lawn by a wild animal but do not know the animal that is digging around the lawn, skunk can be a good suspect. The reason for is that skunks are among the ambient diggers as they usually dig around the lawn, garden and any other places they find themselves in search of foods. They can completely scatter your lawn, digging out your planted seeds and other things around causing serious damage to you. They are known to dig the grown mostly in the areas with high population of insects, earthworm, larvae and others. If your area is densely populated with skunk delicacies then, you should be ready to welcome the animal soon.

Skunks Also Dig Holes For Breeding
Apart from the fact that skunks usually dig the lawn for food they also normally dig around the lawn while preparing for breeding. Their breeding period is late winter and early spring and that is majorly the time they usually dig the lawn most. For that reason if you discover digging in your lawn during the breeding period mentioned above then, you should suspect’s skunks to be responsible for the digging.

Skunks Normally Dig the Lawn in Search for Earthworm
Earthworm is among the most attractive diets to skunk and they can do everything possible to gain access to it. That is why they usually dig around the lawn just to make sure that they eat up earthworm around. In that regard, if you lawn is populated with earthworm there is every tendency of getting skunk infestation there.

Skunks Are Good Diggers and Can Damage Your Crop While Digging
The physiological nature of skunks made it easy for them to tear up lawns while searching for foods. They are good diggers with their sharp claws and teeth. These are things that made them responsible for most diggings in garden, lawn and other part of the house.

How to Know That Skunks Are Responsible For Digging in Your Lawn
Though skunks are known as good diggers and can easily dig around the lawn, they are not the only animals responsible for that. So, to find out whether skunk is responsible for digging you discovered in your lawn, you should search for the footprint. Also, the size of the hole is another indication whether skunk is responsible for the digging or not.

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Do Skunks Dig in Lawns Looking for Food?