Do Skunks Jump?

Skunk is a notorious pest and whether you have encountered the pest or not, it does not undermine the fact that the animal can be troublesome and disturbing in home. They are good in making homes under sheds and other parts of house. It is not unlikely to find skunks on top of your house and tall structures due to their long sharp claws that make climbing very easy and simple for them. Stripped skunk usually climb up fence mainly the fences with chain link. They are also known for their ability to scale wood piles, outdoor structures, vehicles and others. However when it come to climbing trees, skunks do not have what it takes to move up to the top part of tree due to the nature of their paws and claws.

How Skunks on Top of Structure Can Come Down
The truth is that skunks are good diggers and climbers, but they do not usually climb trees. They are often found on top of structures mostly the ones with chain-link fences around. These stripped animals usually climb outdoor structures mostly when there is something attracting them up there. You may wonder how the animal usually comes down the structures whether it does jump or not. They do not jump but normally follow the same way they took while climbing the structure while coming down unless threatened.

Skunks Do Not Usually Jump
As whether skunks have the ability to jump over fence or not, the animal do not normally jump rather will try as much as possible to dig through your wire mesh fence in order to gain accessing the attractive sources in your property. Since the animal do not has the tendency to jump tall demarcations, it is easy to keep them out of your house.

You Can Use Fencing To Move Prevent Skunks in Your Property
Fencing is one of the most popular and effective methods of wild animal prevention and it are equally effective in keeping skunks away from any property. Just make sure that you do not use block fence as they have the ability to climb structures rather use wires mesh fence buried deep down into the soil to avoid them gaining access to your property through the ground.

Avoid Skunks from Digging Your Lawn
Skunks are notorious pest that can cause serious damages to properties, lawn, garden and others things around homes. They are known for their ability to dig up the lawn while preparing home for breeding or looking for food.

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Do Skunks Jump?