How to get rid of skunk without killing them

Is skunks fiving your sleepless night and you are thinking of what to do? Are you looking for the easier way to ensure that skunks do not come around your yard, garden, lawn and other property without killing them? If these are what you are looking for you are not to bother as the solution is right on this site. Through the content of this post, you are going to get information on how to get rid of skunks from your property. The methods provided here are proved and tested to be highly effective before added on this pot.

Get rid of skunks with bright light

If you have skunks in your property, one of the ways to get rid of them without harming them or killing them in the process is to install bright light. The light will make them feel as if they are not hidden and that they are exposed to the risk of predators feeding on them. For that reason they will quickly move away to another place where there is not light at all. That is why you should consider installing bright light in your lawn, garden or any other place with skunk activity.

Remove skunks with citrus smell

Citrus smell is irritating to lot of animas including skunk and if you spray it around your place you will be sure of enjoying skunk free environment. They will not like to come around thinking that there are no edible foods around there that will attract them. The smell of citrus in your garden can make skunks avoid eating up the things you have there.

Use Predator Urine to rid your home of skunks

If you are dealing with serious skunk issue, one of the ways to make them go away without harming them is by spraying predator urine around. You can either use Fox urine or Coyote urine or be sure of getting the solution that will give you what you want. The animal will definitely be forced to move away from your property when they perceive the smell of their predators around.

Use Ammonia to Get Rid of Skunks

You need not to bother yourself so much when it comes to dealing with the issue of skunk infestation around your property. Just make use of the Ammonia and skunks will run far away from your garden and any other parts of the environment they are coming around to feed.

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How to get rid of skunk without killing them