Snake Prevention Tips: How to Keep Snakes Away

A Danger to Homeowners
Are you looking forward to finding out some of the best ways how to get rid of snakes and how to keep them away from your household? You’ve come to the right place to find that out. In this article, we will feature some of the best ways how to prevent snakes from getting on your property and inside your home.

Now, your chance of having a snake infestation increases when you property is surrounded by a healthy ecosystem abundant in food. Snakes, like other reptiles, are always searching for a place that will provide them with food and comfort. And once they invade your home, they will become a danger to you.

Prevention and Maintenance
The first step to consider when wanting to prevent snakes to come close to your property is to control the factors that may attract them to your property.

So, consider:

• Remove piles of debris, excess vegetation, and remove weeds around your property.
• Always lawn your grass.
• Keep firewood piles above the ground.
• Clean fruits and nuts that have fallen in your garden.
• Seal crevices around your house’s foundation.
Most people don’t incorporate these steps and that is why their property becomes invaded by snakes and other wild animals. Don’t be like those people, incorporate these prevention measures!

Keep Your Garden Safe
Besides snakes love invading people’s homes, they also love invading people’s gardens. However, there is a way how you can prevent snakes from entering your garden.

All you need to do to prevent snakes from appearing in your garden is to buy a mesh hardware cloth that will enclose your whole property. Now, this may take up a lot of your time, but it will be worth not seeing snakes and other wild animals on your property. You can purchase a wire mesh cloth in your local hardware shop. The total height of your wire mesh cloth should be 36 inches. When you are about to install this wire mesh, consider burying the bottom of it several inches into the ground so that the snakes can’t dig their way underneath it…Although this will take a lot of your time, it will keep snakes far away from your garden and your property.

Natural Snake Repellents
When you make sure that you have incorporated all the rules we have featured under the subtitle “Prevention and Maintenance,” you can start to use some natural snake repellents. Keep in mind that only using natural snake repellents won’t keep the snakes away so you will need to use some other prevention measures as well.

If you didn’t incorporate the steps we have mentioned earlier in the first subtitle, snakes will keep coming to your house. Now, there are a plethora of natural snake repellents you can purchase or make, but by far the best natural snake repellent that will keep snakes away is a mixture of clove oil and cinnamon.

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Snake Prevention Tips: How to Keep Snakes Away