How to make a snake trap?

Snakes are dangerous animals and you will never know when this guy will ever give you a visit. Well, do not be surprised to find a snake hanging round your basement or in your garden. A common problem that you will find with most of the snakes is swallowing of your beloved poultry. If the snake doesn't pose a threat YET, it could be inhumane to kill it right away, however, that doesn't mean that you should allow it to rule over your territory.

Making a snakes trap

Basically, if you want to experience wholesome fun, then making a snake trap should quench your thirst on this. There are different types of homemade traps that you could use to trap a snake that is in your territory. Most are easy to make and depending on the resources at your disposal, you could come up with different types of homemade snake traps.

The simple bottle snake trap

This is a snake trap that has been used by most people since it is simple to use. It has 100% chances of giving you the results that you may be looking for and therefore, knowing how to set it up become imperative. Here is what you need to make the trap;

• Bait, preferably, go for a frozen mice which you use to feed your pet snake if you have one. You can also purchase one if you do not have.
• A pair of scissors, this will help you do the mechanical work.
• A plastic bottle, which is washed and rinsed accordingly. The bottle should also be dried.
After you have gathered these item, you are ready to move to the next step which is setting it up.

How to set up
• Ensure that the container you are using is well washed and rinsed. No smell should be coming out of the bottle.
• Cut a small hole in the bottle that should be fit to accommodate the entrance of the snake.
• Place the bait inside the bottle.
• Set the trap where the snake is likely to visit the most.
• Wait for the snake to enter the bottle and also eat the bait.

After setting the trap, the snake should enter the bottle to reach the bait. This way you can grab it and then dispose it carefully. However, some snake may turn vicious and so, you should be careful.

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How to make a snake trap?