Home Remedies to Keep Away Snakes and Get Rid of Them

Quite a lot of people hate the sight of snake around them as it makes them feel as if they are at high risk of harm. Majority of people are not even able to behold the sight of snakes anywhere around them making them to look for anyhow possible to get rid of the animals away from them without need to kill them. Trying to kill snakes you found around your property is another way of increasing your risk of harm as the snake will likely want to fight back in a bid to defend itself. That made this content to be focused on how to get rid of snakes without killing them

Garcinia Nut
Majority of people do not know the important of Garcinia nut or what it is. It is also known as bitter cola known for its antibiotic and other healing effects. Apart from the medical and health importance of this nut, it is also important in getting rid of snakes. Most hunters usually have this nut in their bag and most time in their mount in order to make snakes around them to move away of avoid attacking them. So, when you spread the nuts around your home, snakes will never cross to the place or try to cohabit with you.

Try Pest Control
You can also make use of most pest control techniques to rid your home or property of snakes without killing the snakes. The truth is that snakes usually follow after their foods to many places you find them. Most times they usually get into houses in a bid to capture a particular prey that run into the house. So, when you keep your environment and house free from pest, you will unlikely have issue with snakes as they will not have any reason to come around you in the first place.

Proper Maintenance
You will be at higher risk of snake infestation when your house lacks proper maintenance. If there are holes and openings here and there in your house there is tendency that you will have snakes issues. They will come into your house unknowingly mostly while pursuing after a particular prey. That is why you need proper home maintenance to get rid of snakes without killing them.

Use Snake Repellents
You can equally buy repellents in the make made specifically for snake removal. Most of the repellents do not kill snakes but only make them to go away due to discomforting smell and others.

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Home Remedies to Keep Away Snakes and Get Rid of Them