Does sulphur or lime keep snakes away

Sulphur and lime for a long time have been thought to be effective way to repel the snakes all around the yard. These methods have proven less futile in keeping the snakes away and therefore, as a gardener or a homeowner relying on this method, you have to think of other methods that will work other than these.

Myths about Lime and Sulphur

There are certain myths revolving around sulphur and lime in that they are effective at keeping the snakes away. Here are some of the myths:

• Powdered sulphur when used alone will keep the snakes away. Sulphur does not repel the snakes away. Research indicates that raw sulphur has never shown any effect at keeping any species of snake away. What normally happen is that sulphur causes an irritation on the snake’s scales and thus, instead of repelling the snake, it makes the snakes more dangerous. Aggressive snakes are dangerous to humans and their pets.
• Lime should be used to repel the snakes. Not in any particular test has lime ever shown to repel the snake. As a matter of fact, applying lime at any place to repel the snakes is even a danger to humans themselves rather than the snakes. Wet lime is a danger in that it is very caustic to humans and domesticated animals and worst case scenario is that it can even cause blindness.

These are two common myths surrounding the use of the sulphur and lime and to answer the question of whether or not sulphur or lime work, they do not.

What works?

Protective measure against snakes works. Basically, what you should is make sure that snakes stays out of limit from your properties. You should use the snake-proof fence to keep the animals out of bound also cover your home more appropriately to keep them out.


Snakes are dangerous and once irritated by sulphur or the lime for that case, they even become more dangerous and therefore, these items have to be done with as repellents to snakes. Using protective measures against the snakes is the only best strategy that will work.

Since the sulphur and the lime are only more hazardous, their use should be limited or never used at all. Therefore, go for other method that works, for example the traps.

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Does sulphur or lime keep snakes away