Plants that keep the snakes away

Most of the gardeners out there love when animals visit their gardens but not too often to destroy the hard work streamlined into making the garden a beauty. However, in most cases, snakes are the animal that will find their way into the garden and for a fact, most of the gardeners are not happy about this. Therefore, efforts are streamlined into making sure that no snake visits. Nonetheless, as a gardener, you should understand that there are no plants in particular that you can use to keep the snakes away and therefore, what you can only do is plant some of the plants that the snakes feel uncomfortable around.

What to do

Since there is not much that you can do when it comes to plants and snakes, all you can try is making sure that the garden has some of the elements that make the snakes dislike the place. The following activities could be implemented:

• Habitat modification.
• Fencing.
• Using natural repellents.

These are some of the activities that you can do to keep the snakes out of your garden in a clear and more effective way.

Habitat modification

While there may not be any specific plants that will keep the snakes away, some landscaping activities and modifications can help to keep the animals away once and for all…The bush areas around your home have to be eliminated. This do a good job at hiding the snakes. All the rocks, logs and water features have to be minimized.


This is another important activity that you can do to keep the snakes away. Fencing is a really powerful strategy in that it keeps the snakes away by preventing penetration into the garden. What you should be looking for is a snake-proof fence. This way, you will be keeping the snakes away.

Natural Repellents

Sulphur, wormwood, ammonia among other repellents works best at keeping the snakes out of bound. All these will help you to at least keep the snakes away even though proper research indicated that they do not work very effectively.

Snakes are dangerous animals especially the venomous snakes and therefore, you need to be careful if your yard is prone to snakes. When working out your field ensure to wear long sleeves and protective clothing to avoid bites.

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Plants that keep the snakes away