Can snakes crawl up plumbing or toilets?

Now having an animal coming into your house through certain small holes may not be a big issue. But imagine this, at the time when you are most vulnerable, a snake just crawls in. Isn’t that scary? Well, while the idea of a snake lurking in your bowl may seem quite impossible, pest control companies have confirmed that there are instances where a snake can crawl up to the bowls of the toilets periodically. Therefore, you need to be careful on how you go about using the toilet.

How they crawl in

For a typical home, there are so many interconnected pipes running from the sewer through the roof that vent the sewer gases. All these connection connect a home to several drains systems which empties the waters used for most of household activities such as dish washing, showers and even flushing the toilets. In most cases however, the pipes remain dry. These form a good avenue through which the snakes may crawl in the toilets. Additionally, a snake can crawl up to the toilet using the plumbing pipes underneath a home which do have a good crawling space, if there is a hole in one of the pipe, then the snake may find its way to the toilet.

What to do

If you notice that there are occasional visits in the toilets from the snakes, then it is time to implement a strategy that will stop these animals from becoming a hazard. To eradicate their visits, you need to:

• Stay calm.
• Always keep the lid down.
• Squirt liquid dish soap into the toilet.
• Flush.

Squirting the liquid dish soap into the toilet helps a lot in breaking the surface tension of the water and this is according to health department officials.

Stopping the snakes from taking the plunge

If the visits from the animals are becoming recurring, you can cover the top of the vent pipe with a chicken wire and this will stop the animals from crawling inside the pipe. Also, to stop the snakes entry through the sewer system, you need to locate the house’s main drain runs along your property and look for a burrow or a hole in the area. Cover it up.

It is not a big wonder finding an animal in your bowl but preventing it from coming in becomes even harder because it could have entered from just anywhere. Therefore, take a professional call to find the entry point and cover it up.

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Can snakes crawl up plumbing or toilets?