Squirrel Prevention Tips: How to Keep Squirrels Away

How to Keep Squirrels Away or Squirrel Prevention Tips

You are very unlikely to keep all varmint squirrels away from the exterior of your household. However, you can definitely keep them out of your house.

One great thing about squirrel prevention is that you can incorporate a lot of effective methods for discouraging these small rodents from taking up residence at your household. If you want to prevent squirrels outside of your property, you should know that you need to focus your squirrel prevention efforts on specific areas. Those specific areas include your bird feeder and your garden.

Seal Potential Entrances

The best method today to completely disallow squirrels from getting inside your home is to make it impossible to enter it first place. To do this, you should seal any potential entrance to your home, even the smallest one.

To do this, you should commence a thorough investigation of your entire home searching for gaps in the siding of your home, roof, and eaves. If you find any gap in your home, consider securing it with sturdy materials. For example, you can secure gaps in your home with steel or a metal mesh.

During your inspection, you should pay a special attention to your ridge cap vents, gable vents, chimney, dryer vents, and roof vents. These areas are abundant in gaps through which a squirrel may get inside your home.

Clean Up Your Property

Do you know what the reason a squirrel “decided” to stay on your property is? Well, the main reason for it is, of course, food and shelter your home provides it with. Sealing up your home won’t make it anymore a shelter for squirrels.

However, food may still be an issue. So, you should look at your property from a squirrel’s point of view and remove anything that may look appealing to them. For example, if you have a tree that grows nuts on your property, you should regularly take effort and clean up fallen nuts. If you have a bird feeder on your property, you should change it and opt for one that can hardly be reached by squirrels.

Targeted Prevention on Wood Piles
Besides they chew on nuts, squirrels also chew on trees, just like beavers. The reason why squirrels chew on wood is because they teeth are constantly growing.

So, if you have a wood pile at your property and want squirrels to stay away from it at all costs, you should consider fencing your wood pile. However, the best option for keeping your wood pile safe from squirrels is to keep it in a shed.


If you have a highly specific area at your property that you don’t want squirrels to approach to, you can achieve that with fencing that specific area.

However, even fencing your property will be an issue since squirrels are smart and they are great climbers. Considering this, the best solution is to build a completely enclosed fence structure.

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Squirrel Prevention Tips: How to Keep Squirrels Away