Squirrel Prevention Tips: How To Keep Away Squirrels

Most people don’t take the process of keeping squirrels away from their homes seriously. This is partly due to the fact that they are not aware of how destructive they can be. There is also another group of people who want to keep them away but don’t really know how to go about such a process.

Are you among any of the groups which have been mentioned above? Do you know that squirrels can be easily prevented from being around your house, attic and garden with some few tips? You are at the right place as this post will be aimed at showing you how to go about this process. The tips shared here are simple but powerful as they will help to ensure that squirrels are prevented from invading your home. All you need is just some form of consistency in their applications.

Sealing of Open Entrances
This is one effective way to have them prevented from getting into your house. You have to ensure that there are no unnecessary openings. Are there any gaps or holes on your roof, eaves and siding? You can make use of materials that are sturdy in nature to have such openings closed. Also, it is important that you take note of some areas whenever you are inspecting. These could be gable vents, roof vents, chimney and dryer vents.

Thorough Cleaning
Squirrels are always attracted to properties that aren’t clean. You need to ensure that your environment is very neat. You are only giving them access to easy shelter and food when you leave remains of cooked materials around. If you have to clear your waste on a daily basis to keep them away then do it.
It is possible that you have one of those trees with fruits. In such a case, you will need to ensure that the fallen fruits are removed on a regular basis to prevent them from hanging around.

This works if you have an area which you actually don’t want squirrels to stay in. Squirrels can jump very well so this will have to be perfectly built. In this case, you may need a structure which is enclosed.

Use of Squirrel Repellent
This seems to be the last option once you have tried every other technique stated above and they still find a way to come around. You could decide to make use of chemical repellents to get rid of them once and for all.

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Squirrel Prevention Tips: How To Keep Away Squirrels