Squirrel Prevention - How to Keep Squirrels Away From Your House and Yard

Squirrels the pregnant females like making homes in your house, especially the attic. This is because the attic is a warm, safe and dry place to raise their young ones. Squirrels use any means to get into your house. They can chew wood to create a way to the attic. They can also enter the house through any holes found in the house.

The following tips are on how to keep squirrels away from your house and yard:

• Do not feed your pets or birds outside. All pets should be fed from inside the house. Feeding the animals outside will attract the squirrels to the food, and they end up invading your yard. Any animal food should also not be left outside. The squirrels may also end up eating your birds. The squirrels may end up passing diseases to your pets, and this may be transmitted to you.

• The next thing is to avoid feeding wild animals like birds. The bird food is bound to attract squirrels to your yard and later to the house. The wild life has survival mechanisms and is capable of searching for their own food even without your help.

• Squirrel proofing your house is a permanent way of keeping squirrels off your house and yard. Hire an exterminator to catch any squirrels found in your house. Ensure that you remove even the baby squirrels found in the house since you do not want your house to be smelling of dead squirrels later. Once they are removed, seal up any possible entry points. You can use steel or hardware cloth to do the sealing.

• Another way to prevent squirrels from entering your house is using electric repellents. Although this repellent is expensive, it keeps squirrels off your house. However, you will need to buy many of these repellents, as they do not cover a large area. You can put some of these repellents in your yard to keep off squirrels from your yard.

• If buying electric repellents is expensive, other types of repellents like shake away can be used. This repellent is made from fox urine, and when the squirrels smell it, they sense a predator. Another repellent that is good is Rid-a- Critter. This type is long lasting and good to use in indoor spaces.

• Ensure that tree limbs around your house are trimmed at least eight feet away from your house. This is to keep squirrels from jumping to your room and entering your house.

• On your yard, plant seedless varieties of trees. This ensures that the supply of food for the squirrels is reduced and with time, they will look for other places to find food, and eventually they will be off your yard.

• If all the other ways of controlling squirrels fail, you can find a place away from your yard and that of your neighbor to feed the squirrels. If you keep the supply of food constant there, the squirrels will be attracted to the area, and with time, they will be off your yard.

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Squirrel Prevention - How to Keep Squirrels Away From Your House and Yard