Squirrel Trapping - How To Catch Squirrels with Traps

Squirrels are small and annoying rodents, which can cause damage to your household. They chew on almost all surfaces and may venture into your vegetable garden or attic. Squirrels are rodents, and this means that they gnaw and chew on soft surfaces like wood, plastic and PVC. In case they chew on an electric wire, they may cause damage to your house. The exposed electric wires may trigger a fire, and you may incur immense losses. Squirrels reach reproduction age after 1 year, and they breed twice a year. This makes it almost impossible to get rid of them once they enter into a home.

Despite all this, you can take some basic steps to get them, either from your home, garden or attic. You can use an appropriate trap to catch these annoying rodents. There are different types of traps in the market like roof mounted cage traps, single animal, live cage traps, one way door traps, repeater traps and one way squirrel exclusion funnel traps. Before setting up a trap, you must consider hiring a professional. They offer advice on which traps are the best, and how to handle trapped animals.

Instructions on how to catch squirrels

You should watch the daily patterns of the squirrels so that you may set a trap. Many squirrels are active during dawn and dusk, so this is the best time to catch them. You can set a trap at the place where they are likely to live like around bird feeders and trees. The trap should be installed on stable ground or in a stable area. This allows for effective trapping of the rodent.

First of all, you should try to put the trap with the door up so that the rodent might walk through it. After this, you should set the trap because the squirrel will not suspect the trap. You can use bait like nuts, vegetables and some bread. Place the bait at the extreme parts of the trap and wait. You should regularly inspect the trap in case some unintended animals enter the trap.

You should exercise a lot of caution when catching squirrels. They are wild animals, and they may be unpredictable. Even the small ones or their babies are likely to bite you and use their claws against you if you catch them. You should also avoid cornering or confronting a squirrel because it gets irritated quite easily and might jump on you and injure you. You should also practice caution when setting a trap on the roof, and when using ladders to climb on the roof.

In most states in the United States, it is illegal to trap squirrels. In other states where trapping is allowed you have to kill it and dispose it off in your piece of land. However, before you consider trapping a squirrel, you have to look at the state’s department of wildlife for any rules on trapping squirrels. Some states allow only professional wildlife control personnel to trap such animals.

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Squirrel Trapping - How To Catch Squirrels with Traps