Raccoon Trapping: How To Trap a Raccoon

Tired of Raccoons?

Do you feel sick and tired of raccoons invading your precious property? Do you feel disgusted when you need to clean up after raccoons? We must face one fact - raccoons are animals that can be extremely hard to get rid of.

When speaking about raccoon control, the best way to get rid of them is trapping them. Using a live trap for raccoons is the best solution for trapping these mammals. In this article, we will explore how one can make raccoon trapping successful once and forever. We will provide you with all the precious pieces of information on how to buy live raccoon traps, how to trap these varmint mammals and how to bait these traps.

It’s Easy to Trap a Raccoon
That’s right. Trapping a raccoon is extremely easy. Why? Well, these cute but varmint animals are curious and they are always hungry. However, they are somehow smart and that means they need to be trapped in a special way.

Keep in mind that if you fail at trapping a raccoon, you will never be able to trap that same raccoon once again. So, to know how to catch these animals, keep on reading.

Select the Best Possible Trap
Today, you can find a wide range of raccoon traps. However, not every raccoon trap is good. So, when buying a raccoon trap, consider purchasing a live raccoon trap. We strongly recommend you to purchase an extra-large live raccoon trap or a large live raccoon trap.

Usually, live raccoon traps come in two options:

• 1-Door Option

• 2-Door Option

1-Door live raccoon traps make it easier for varmint animals to enter it. However, if you need to catch more raccoons, you should opt for 2-door solution.

Placing the Raccoon Trap
You should place your live raccoon trap on a surface which is even and in an area where raccoons present frequently. The prime locations for placing raccoon traps are:

• Areas Near Trash Cans

• Gardens

• Patios

• Fence Lines

• Underneath Structures

• Attics

Baiting the Trap

Choosing a raccoon bait is extremely important and just as important as the place where you will place the live raccoon trap. To attract raccoons to the trap, you must choose food bait that will attract them.

To catch a raccoon successfully, you must know that you must keep an eye on where you will place the bait. The best place where you can put bait is inside the raccoon trap. To lure a varmint raccoon inside your trap, you should use fatty foods or sweet foods. You should also know that raccoons especially love certain types of food and their smell. So, in the next part of this article, we will feature the best raccoon baits.

Best Raccoon Baits

The truth is that raccoons are omnivorous animals and that they can eat whatever they find eatable and delicious. However, certain foods can bait raccoons better than other types of food.

The best raccoon baits include:

• Marshmallows

• Wet Cat Food

• Crisp Bacon

• Fish

• Sweet Corn

• Cooked Fatty Meat

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Raccoon Trapping: How To Trap a Raccoon