Baby Animals in the Attic

Animals that den in attics almost always have babies. Most commonly, babies are the reason why the animal has invaded your attic in the first place, as the safety and coziness of the attic offer perfect conditions for raising and rearing a litter.

An important thing you need to know when dealing with baby animals in the attic is that chances are that it’s probably illegal for you to remove the litter, depending on where you live and on the animal species. The most common practice when dealing with an adult female and its offspring in the attic is to wait for the babies to become mobile, and then put in place the required humane method of removal, depending on what species is in discussion. Again, depending on the species in question, you can skip the wait and use the babies as bait for the adult, if you can locate the litter. The worst thing you could do is separate the mother from its cubs, not only because of the emotional stress you’re putting the adult animal through, but also because if left without their mother, those babies will die of starvation.

If you’re having a rat or mouse infestation situation, there will probably be loads of babies in the attic, but as with these types of rodents a lethal method of removal is always preferred, you really don’t have any other reasonable choice than to indirectly kill a couple of litters, especially if you can’t find the nests. Rotting carcasses in the attic are something to worry about, but since baby rats and baby mice are so tiny and shriveled up, they’ll practically disintegrate, so smell and other concerns won’t be such a problem.

Except for rats and mice, the decent thing to do is to always keep mother and cubs together, no matter how much their presence has annoyed you. These are just animals doing their best to survive, having no sense of property, and no possibility of understanding the reason why you want them out. Separating a mother from its litter would be unnecessarily cruel and inhumane, on top of it probably being illegal, so even if those animals are causing you trouble, keep in mind that making them suffer doesn’t come with any advantages for you. On the contrary, removing a mother and leaving her offspring to slowly die in the attic will only bring you even more problems on the long run.

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