Squirrels in the Attic - How to Get Rid

Squirrels, like many other rodents, can cause a lot of damage in your attic. From chewing wiring, to destroying insulation material, to even chewing through wooden beams and spreading diseases, there’s a lot of harm they can cause, cute as they may be. So, it’s up to you or a professional to get rid of them as soon as you notice their presence frequently around your home and find that they’ve taken residence in your attic.

Limit access and other options: For the most part, squirrels will likely just look for a place to nest or store food. Your attic is the perfect place for that, as it is protected from the elements, it provides warmth and it’s not frequented by other animals which can disturb them, humans included. But whether it’s nesting, taking shelter or storage, you definitely want them out as soon as possible. And there’s a few simple ways you can make sure they won’t be returning anytime soon, without hurting them or causing damage to your property.

First off, you’ll probably need to figure out where they get in from. Either keep an eye out and see what entrances or holes they use and, depending on the case, cover or fix them. If you don’t want to cover the entrance, you can use a one-way door exclusion funnel. This device isn’t a trap, as it won’t hold the animal captive and cause it unnecessary distress. It basically allows the squirrel to pass through it in one single direction, but not the other way around. Once you figure out its entrance, you can install this device there and rest assured that your squirrel problem is solved. If the squirrel gets scared, it may be reluctant to come out after you install the device – seal all other exists and bait the squirrel with some food on the other side of the one-way door funnel.

Playing loud music, going up in the attic regularly can, in some rare circumstances, also work. But for the most part, keep in mind that if the squirrel is nesting in your attic, it will continue to do so, no matter the kinds of intrusions it has to face. Strobe lights and similar light-emitting devices will also have a low chance of success in removing the squirrel from the attic if the animal is there for good reason. These will only tend to work if the animal has not yet settled in and is still figuring out if the attic is a safe space, but catching the squirrel in that perfect goldilocks situation is a stretch to begin with.

So, you’re left with either the safest bet, prevention, or with drawing out the squirrel and making sure it stays out. If you have trouble, go to our Hire a Pro section for some help.

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