Rodents in the Attic - How to Get Rid

Rodents are particularly nasty pests to have in the attic, mainly because of their chewing and gnawing habits, as they can chew through almost anything, and they have nothing against keeping their teeth at the desired length by chewing through electrical wires. This is extremely problematic, as it can be a fire hazard, especially if near insulation material, and it can produce short circuits that will shorten the life of household electronics, or even ruin them completely. Hygiene and health risks are other great concerns when it comes to any wildlife, especially rats and mice.

How to get rid of rodents in a humane manner: Depending on the type of rodent in question, different methods should be employed. For example, if the culprit is a squirrel, a pretty effective method of removal is using an exclusion device such as one-way door funnel. The squirrel will be able to get out, but won’t be able to get back inside, assuming of course that you have sealed shut all other entries. With rats and mice the only efficient and truly humane method is by exterminating the rodents with classic snap traps. You can read more about each rodent and how to properly get them out of your attic on this website just by going on the animal’s designated page.

No matter which rodent species is the one causing trouble in your attic, once the animals have been removed, you will need to decontaminate the area for both health reasons, as for ensuring other wildlife won’t be tempted by the smell and try to break in. Prevention measures should be taken immediately, ensuring the rodents no longer have access to the attic by sealing shut all access points, and by making sure that you don’t leave food outside that can attract them, including unattended garbage cans or unsecured birdfeeders.

All rodent repellents found on the market have so little chance at accomplishing what they advertise that there’s absolutely no reason for you to even try them. We really don’t recommend them, but it’s a free country, so go ahead and try your luck if you feel this is the way. Sound and visual deterrents are fraudulent devices, and you shouldn’t invest a single penny in such objects. Poison or glue traps should be absolutely out of the question, no matter the wildlife in question. We have more info on these topics, as well, so feel free to further browse and read about why these methods are a bad idea.

Rodent removal can be very tricky, and people often need the help of a professional. Pest control companies should not be contacted in order to take care of rodent problems, as their methods are not at all humane, and more often than not, they don’t even solve the problem. You can visit our Hire a Pro section if you’re looking for an expert to help you with your rodent issue.

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