Rats in the Attic - How to Get Rid

Rats are a serious problem, especially in our big cities, and should be treated as pests due to various reasons. If you’re dealing with a rat infestation in your attic, measures need to be taken at full pelt, before the current occupants have the chance to reproduce even more. Rat removal can be an extremely difficult task to take on, but it can be done if you put thought and effort into it.

Removing rats from the attic in a humane manner: The only true humane way to get rid of rats from an attic is by sealing shut absolutely all of their entry and exit points, and by placing lethal wooden snap traps on the trails the rats are using to move around in the attic. The trails are rather visible if you know what you’re looking for, and a dozen traps should get the job done. With no way of escaping the attic, all the rats that are inside will die of a quick and painless death, and all the rats that happen to be outside at the time being will have no way of getting back in. You need to check the attic frequently in order to dispose of the dead rats. If the attic has been secured, and the traps have been placed correctly, before the day ends, you will have a rat-free attic.

Decontamination and prevention: Just getting rid of the rats won’t solve the problem entirely. The remaining odor can and probably will attract other rats, or other animals looking for a meal. On top of that, an attic that has been contaminated by rats is a serious health hazard for all of those that live in the house. Vacuum the droppings that are reachable and visible, do any necessary repairs in the attic, replace soiled insulation, fog or spray the space with a bacteria-neutralizing odor eliminator.

Don’t consider it a done job until you have thoroughly inspected the house a second time, as rats could have been getting into the attic from the ground up, moving up and down in the walls. Search for signs of grease and fur, and seal shut any possible entry point. Don’t leave anything leaning on your exterior walls, from tools to woodpiles, to suspended plants or other decorations rats can use to climb on and gain access to your attic. Make sure your property is not a welcoming environment for rats by also keeping food and garbage contained. Rat removal is not something many people feel comfortable doing. We encourage those people to check out our Hire a Pro a tab.

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