Mouse in the Attic - How to Get Rid Mice

Having mice in the attic is as bad as having rats in the attic. Mice can cause a fair amount of damage in the attic with their rodent ways, constantly chewing and gnawing without discrimination, and constantly reproducing. Mouse invasion may prove a hard problem to solve, but not if you handle the situation wisely. Little creatures of habit, mice are pretty predictable, especially if you know your clues and where to look for them.

Identifying all entry points: Mice are tiny and can get in your attic through the roof, through small cracks and holes in the eaves of your roof, or from the basement, through the inside of your walls. Look for pee trails, as these will reveal their most used paths and trails, leading you to one or more access points. Inspect the roof for any missing shingles, or tiny cracks and holes.

Solving the problem: Poison is never the answer, no matter what species is the one causing trouble. In fact, anything short of lethal snap traps won’t do an efficient job when it comes to getting rid of mice or rats. Once all entry points have been discovered, go ahead and seal them all with quality materials rodents can’t chew through. Containment is very important, because it will allow you to get rid of all the mice that are in the attic, and after you finish sealing the place up, it won’t allow mice that happen to be outdoors to come back in. Next, go inside the attic with about a dozen classic wooden snap traps, and place them over the mice trails. Leave the attic, and keep coming back in order to dispose of the trapped mice. If all is done correctly, in a matter of hours, there won’t be any live mice left in your attic. Next step in solving your mouse problem will be to properly decontaminate the attic, using protective gear, of course, and a quality air freshener that will eliminate all the nasty smells, and will neutralize any remaining microorganisms and agents that may cause disease or infection.

Taking steps in what concerns prevention is always a must after dealing with wildlife infestation. Make sure you haven’t missed any possible access points to the attic, or to your house in general, keep garbage cans secured, keep pet food inside, keep a debris-free yard et cetera. When in doubt, or when feeling overwhelmed by the situation, our Hire a Pro section is at your disposal.

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