How to Remove a Wild Animal in the Chimney

How To Remove A Wild Animal In The Chimney

If you find out that a wild animal is hanging out in your chimney, that fact probably may surprise you. And many people who find out that there are some wild animals in their chimney also get surprised when they find that out. This is probably due to the fact that people believe their chimneys are secured and sealed. A telltale sign that a wild animal is in your chimney is noise. Wild animals usually make noises while they are in your chimney. Another telltale sign that a wild animal, such as a raccoon, is in your chimney is that you see things falling down to your fireplace when you open the damper of your chimney. Only a couple of wild animals can survive in your chimney because of the chimney’s sheer vertical sides. However, no matter how many wild animals are in your chimney, all of them can cause a significant damage to it.

Identifying The Entry Point

Identifying how the wild animals got into your chimney won’t be a hard job. The most common reason why the wild animals got into your chimney is your chimney missing a chimney cap. Also, if your chimney is damaged, that is a great opportunity for wild animals to get into your chimney. The first step to investigating the wild animal entry points to your chimney is examining your chimney’s top. In case your chimney’s top isn’t damaged, you will have a hard time finding the entry point to your chimney so we you should hire a professional for that.

Exclusion Measures

When you have found out the animals are getting in your chimney, you should start getting rid of them. One of the best ways how to get rid of wild animals in your chimney is installing an exclusion device. Installing an exclusion device will make the wild animal possible to get out of your chimney, but not possible for it to get inside again. However, before you create an exclusion device, you should make sure that the wild animal doesn’t have a litter of young in your chimney. When you are sure about that, you can place your exclusion device over the top of the chimney or place it in a hole in the masonry.

Mounting A Chimney Trap

Mounting a chimney trap is easy to do. It only involves creating a tunnel made from wire mesh and installing it over the top of your chimney. When the animal exits your chimney trap and if it decided to come back to your chimney through it again, it can only end up being trapped inside the chimney trap. Speaking of chimney traps, it is important to mount it on a flat area.

Relocating The Wild Animal

If you have trapped raccoons or squirrels in your chimney, you should consider relocating the animals far away from your property so they can’t visit your chimney once again.

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How to Remove a Wild Animal in the Chimney