How To Get Rid Of Rats From Your Attic

Rats have proven to be the most cunning rodents, and they squeeze themselves into the smallest holes to find their way into your attic. They can be are anywhere from your home to apartments and even commercial office buildings. They can be very difficult to remove since they reproduce very fast once they infest your building. They feed on anything from food lying around in the home to papers, clothes and even the soft wood and cardboard in your attic. They pose many threats to your home since they carry more than thirty diseases, make a lot of noise and they can chew through electrical wiring hence causing fire hazards. They can even chew and gnaw at your walls and create weak points in your walls. It is important to get rid of rats as soon as you suspect activity in your attic. The following measures can help you to get rid of them.

1. Trapping the rats
Place snap traps inside the attic and check them frequently. This should be done frequently since new rats will come ad replace the old ones. Make sure you empty the traps and replace them to avoid dad rats from stinking up your attic. You can also trap them with glue boards placed around the attic. Make sure you use strong glue boards so that rats are unable to pull themselves away.

2. Clean up your attic
Rats are attracted to dark places with a lot of clutter so that they can easily hide and multiply in there. Make sure that you only have things that you need in your attic and clean up all the clutter that is filling up the space. Do not leave garbage lying around in your attic if you do not want rats. This also makes it easy for you to clean up every now and then to ward off the rats.

3. Trim vegetation around your home
Wild rats will come close to your home if your vegetation resembles a wild place. Heavy vegetation will lead roof rats into your attic very easily without you noticing them. Trim ant trees that may lead rats straight into your attic such as fruit trees, nut trees or decorative bushes.

4. Seal off any potential entry points
Once you suspect that you have rat activity in your attic, find out where they are getting in from and seal off those holes. You will realize that most of the get in through holes that they have gnawed themselves. Make sure you seal these holes permanently to kill ant trail of rats coming from outside and then deal with the ones that are already inside.

5. Poisoning the rats
This solution is the last recommendation, since it is inhumane, and it comes with a few risks. Once you poison the rat, you have to get in the attic and clean the mess so that you do not end up with a stinky attic. Rat poison is dangerous so it should be handled professionally and with a lot of care. Rats can climb down from your attic at night and spread poison on your food without your knowledge.

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How To Get Rid Of Rats From Your Attic