Home Remedies to Keep Away Bat and Make Them Go Away

Though bats are known to be human friendly living creatures they can also cause serious harm to human being if care is not taken. They are known to have high ability to keep insects population under controls giving human being opportunity to enjoy comfort and avoid problems caused by insects, but at the same time has tendency to infect human being with diseases. More so, bat can damage things in houses and structures and can cause tremendous damages to things in the garden. With their damages and other issues people often look for home remedies to keep away bat and make them go away.

Use Moth Balls
One of the leading home remedies to keep away bats and get rid of them is simply moth ball also called naphthalene balls. Apart from the fact that the smell of moth ball usually chases away bats from anywhere they are; it also helps to avoid their reentering into a place. You can easily get moth ball from pest control store near you and that will be the solution you need for our bat issue.

Keep Bats Away With Sealant
To keep away bat from your property one of the home remedies you need to consider is sealants, hard board or netting materials. Locate the bat affected area and install the sealants material there and the problem will be solved within few days. Just make sure that you install the sealants immediately the bats lease the place at night to go and look for food.

Use Phenol to Keep Bats Away
Bats naturally are repelled by the smell of phenol and if you are able to get phenol in your home, you will no more worry about problem caused by bats. Just drop phenol around the place with high activity of bats and you will be sure of getting them out of your property completely. Make sure you confirm whether the bats have babies in the place you want to keep the phenol before going ahead to put it. The reason is to avoid making the babies orphan.

Use Aerosol to Make Bat Move Away
The Aerosol is another thing that can make bats uncomfortable in your house or anywhere in your property. You are going to get rid of entire bats in your property without the shortest of time when you make use of Aerosol. Most homeowners have testified about the effect of this home remedy in getting rid of bat from homes.

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Home Remedies to Keep Away Bat and Make Them Go Away