Should You Use Poison to Get Animals Out of the Attic? (No!)

Animals in the attic can lead to damage, health concerns, and various other concerns. They are dangerous, damaging creatures that need to go quickly. However, instead of going the quick and deadly route of poison, consider something a little more humane. Poison may work quickly, but it is far from a perfect, or even good, solution to this problem. With the available methods and tools to get animals out of an attic, or any space, there is no reason to use poison. You have options available to you that not only work, but work well and do little to no harm.

Animals in the Attic

Animals getting into the attic is not uncommon. It is something a lot of people have to deal with at some point, especially with aging homes that have entry points opening up. When the animal gets into your attic, whatever type of animal it is, it becomes a problem for you. Noise, destruction, and health risks, it is not something that you want to keep around in your attic. You will have to remove it quickly before it does any lasting damage to you or your property.

Removing the animal is easy these days thanks to the options available. There is no reason to choose poison, at all. You have plenty more options available to you.

Getting It Out

As stated, there are multiple options available to you. From professionals to items you can buy yourself. If choosing to buy products, the humane and effective methods are your best bet. While poison may remove the risks of a live animal, it is inhumane and leaves a dead animal. With the health risks and dangers of dead animals, that can be a problem on its own. You may think that the poison is not a big deal, but there are some major risks associated with it. Poison is not something that works instantly and removes the risks from your home. Beyond the inhumane aspects of poison, it brings its own risks. The dead animal is part of that, bringing in the potential of risks that you had not prepared for. One of the risks of poison that most ignore is that it can get to other creatures. Poison can spread or others can find poison. If another animal or even a child were to consume poison, their health would be at risk. It is not something you want to deal with, not with the better options available to you.

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Should You Use Poison to Get Animals Out of the Attic? (No!)