Opossum Trapping: How To Trap a Opossum

Trapping an Opossum
If an opossum or several opossums find a way inside your barn, shed, poultry house or even your home, the most efficient way how to remove an opossum is to catch it in a live opossum trap.

In this article, we will explain you how to trap an opossum with a live opossum trap. Trapping an opossum in a live opossum trap is the most humane way to get rid of this animal.

Select a Live Opossum Trap
When choosing a live opossum trap, we recommend you to purchase a live opossum trap that is circa 40 inches in length and 12 inches tall. A live opossum trap of these dimensions will give an opossum enough space to full enter the trap.

Most live opossum traps come in two models:

• 1-Door Live Opossum Trap
• 2-Door Live Opossum Trap
1-door live opossum traps are recommended by wildlife experts and they offer better bait protection. These traps are also easier for an opossum to enter them.

2-door live opossum traps have two openings that provide a better catch rate. These traps can be set as a 1-door trap or a 2-door trap.

Trap Placement
The best place for your live opossum trap is near its den or inside it. If you can’t figure out where your opossum lives at, you should place your trap in an area where you notice the most damage or activity.

If the opossum you want to get rid of lives in your attic, shed or any other similar structure, you should place the trap in the room’s center.

However, if your opossum lives in a place that is less accessible, such as underneath your porch, inside a tree hollow, and under a crawlspace, you should place the trap 3 to 5 feet outside the entrance. Also, don’t forget to place your live opossum trap on an even surface.

Bait Your Live Opossum Trap
To catch an opossum in a live opossum trap successfully, you will need a great opossum bait and you will need to position it properly. The best way to bait an opossum is to bait it with canned pet food, fish, and apples.

Position your opossum bait in such a way that will force it to step on the live raccoon trap’s trigger plate. Also, make sure that no opossum bait gets wedged between the bottom of the trap and the trigger plate.

Setting Your Trap
You should place your live opossum trap before the nightfall since opossums are nocturnal animals. Carefully open the doors of your live raccoon trap and set it into place, follow your live raccoon trap’s unique guidelines to ensure you have set it properly.

When you trap the opossum, put on gloves before handling the opossum trap to protect yourself from bites. Cover the live opossum trap to keep your opossum calm. If the laws of the state you live in permit it, relocate the opossum several miles away from your property and release it.

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Opossum Trapping: How To Trap a Opossum