Rat diseases symptoms in humans

Rats’ bites and even the scratches can result into harmful diseases even the bite-fever. More responsible for the spread of the disease in humans is the rats’ urine which is known to spread disease like leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a dangerous disease that causes liver and the kidney damage and therefore you need to be very careful on how you handle the animals.

Diseases that may be contracted to humans

The following are some diseases that may be contracted to humans from the animals themselves:

• Leptospirosis.
• Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV)
• Bubonic plague.
• Hantavirus

All these are some of the dangerous diseases that may affect the humans in a rather negative way and therefore, once you’ve realized that you have come into contact with the animal it is best that you seek precautionary measures against the diseases that may arise.

Symptoms in humans

There are some of the common symptoms that may be prevalent in humans as a result of contracting the disease from the rat and therefore if you notice some of the following symptoms then you should know that you are at a risk.

• Liver and kidney damage.
• Cardiovascular problems.
• Renal and liver failure.
• Severe headaches.
• Brain damage.

Among other symptom! Therefore, if you have been experiencing these conditions, it is best that you get a view from the physician who will help you know the appropriate course of action.

Understanding the diseases better

Each disease from the animal will affect the individual differently. If you look at the lymphocytic chroriomeningitis, it is a disease that is spread by coming into contact with the rats urine or the rats saliva. The effects of the disease is that, some of the individuals will experience long term effects while some will experience short term effects.

Spread of the diseases

Diseases from the rats may be spread in a number of ways with the most common one being into constant contact with the animal. However, some of the other ways include:

• Breathing the air from the animals living place.

• Touching the animal.

• Scratches from the animal.

• Touching the animal urine and droppings.

All these are the common causes of the spread of the diseases from the animal.

You need to be careful on how you go about interacting with the animal. Some of the diseases are very dangerous and may cause permanent dis-configuration.

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Rat diseases symptoms in humans