Do Skunks Live in Group or Alone?

Skunks have black fur with white markings on the forehead which runs through the back to the anus. This stripped animal has short and wavy fur that usually helps them to survive cold mainly in the winter. Another thing about this animal is that they have straight fur that is long enough to ensure they are dry at all time. Skunks are of four different types including hooded, striped, hog-nosed and spotted but the most popular are the striped, which has the same size of pet cat commonly found in homes. Another thing you need to know about skunks is that they have curved claws, which made them notorious diggers. Then, what about the living habit of skunks, do they live in group? Are they among the solitary animals? If these are what you are asking, you should not ask further as the answer will surely be provided for you.

Skunks Live In Groups

While other wild animals are known to live solitary life and always move alone, skunk is among the animals that enjoy group cohabiting mostly during the cold season. This animal usually live together, move together and also feed together ensuring that each other is protected at all time. Even when you chase them away from a place making them to take different route while running away, they know the easier way to come back together to meet each other again.

Skunks Habitat You Need To Know

Depending on the season of the year, skunks usually find themselves special habitat that will suit them better. Most times they usually share their holes with animal of different species. Their main habitats include dens, fallen trees, hollow logs and lots more. For that reason, you can easily find group of skunks living in hollow logs, and others.

Where You Can Find Group of Skunks Living Together

Another thing about skunks you need to know about is that they usually choose their living place depending on the season of the year. In some seasons they usually take occupant in mountains, desserts and other dry lands round. So, if you want to find skunks living together you can check them in the mountains and other dry areas.

Skunks Living Together In Winter

During the winter season, Skunks are known to hibernate during the winter when weather is harsh due to cold and others. But, their hibernation is not completely as they most at times come out to find food around in the winter season unlike other animals that normally undergo complete hibernation during winter.

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Do Skunks Live in Group or Alone?